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Designer + Spotlight Workspace



Yearly thread to please add the Spotlight menu items & toolsets to the Designer workspace. Or create an 'Everything' workspace.


This doesn't require any engineering since users can create it themselves (but shouldn't have to).

Previous threads... 2019, 2018, 2017, 2015, 2014, 2010


Also bumping last years JIRA Enhancement Requests...

VE-99189 - Add Spotlight menus & tools to Designer workspace

VE-99190 - Allow selecting built-in Tool Set icons for custom Tool Sets in the Workspace Editor 



How to build a Designer + Spotlight workspace in VW 2020


1. Create a duplicate of the default Designer workspace and name it.

2. Add the Spotlight menus & commands. Here is a compare of the Designer vs Spotlight workspaces in VW2020. Add the green highlighted commands on the right side of the compare window to your workspace (except the Architectural submenu in Spotlight is already included under AEC in Designer).

3. Go to the Tools>Palettes and add the Dimension tools to your Basic toolset. The list of tools to add are on lines 941-947.

4. Add new tool sets for Lighting, Rigging, & Event Design. The list of tools to add are on lines 951-997.

5. Download the Lighting toolset icon here. Download the Rigging & Event Design icons here.



Attached is a Designer+Spotlight_2020.vww workspace with all the above changes. Windows users, navigate to and place the file in C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Nemetschek\Vectorworks\2020\Workspaces. Re-open VW and select it under Tools>Workspaces.




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Updated attachment to include Rigging & Event Design toolset icons
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11 minutes ago, Sebastiaan said:

Hi In this topic I learned how to extract the original toolset pic from a workspace file. 

I shared the rigging and event design pics in one of my posts there. 


Awesome, thank you very much!


Updated OP attachment to include Rigging & Event Design toolset icons.



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I fully agree this is much needed for sure. I'm constantly going back and forth between workspaces and it's super annoying. It would be great if VWX allowed for you to combine workspaces to your liking. I don't really want an "everything" version because I never (and probably will never) use Landmark. 


I know I can do this manually, but I really want it to match the Spotlight toolset and all that manual clicking and dragging is, well, a drag! 


(I tried your VWW @LJ TMS but it came through a bit wonky, at least in VWX 2021 - the pallets are all over the place and the hotkey for the RM wasn't working. I didn't dig around much after that)

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Wanted to add some more SEO for people to find this. 


I want the cable tools when I'm working in Designer so I can access the full suite of architectural tools while I have access to the lighting tools simultaneously. Creating a cable worksheet while still having access to the stair tool! It would be great if you didn't have to switch workspaces constantly in order to get these tools. Obviously, you can manually create a hybrid workspace, but that effort is slow and really annoying. Being able to legit combine two existing workspaces might be a functional work around? 

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