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2019 just crashed without warning - no backup file...

Rob P


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I found where the back-ups were supposed to be saved, but there was no back-up there. This might have been because it was set to over-write backups (which I have now changed to keep the last 5 back-ups), and when I opened the old file to see what had been lost this may have then overwritten the previous back-up).

It was set to autosave every 5 mins.

To prevent accidental over-writing of back-ups, it would be better if VW created a separate type of file for back-ups (i.e. basically the same but with a different suffix on the filename) which wouldn't then be over-written accidentally anyway. This is what happens with AutoCAD, where back-ups are .bak files, rather than .dwg files.

But this doesn't explain why VW crashed out in the first place - I certainly wasn't doing anything heavy.


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I recently had 2020 crash when COMPLETELY UNATTENDED. (I was at dinner)

When I returned, the typical Mac crash message was up.

I assumed that it was caused by something in the "housekeeping" category, such as 

autosaving or checking for update etc. That being said, I am on Catalina beta.. so weird behavior is to be expected./


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