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Changing the colour of a lighting symbol


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You can also do this using class attributes or the attribute palette


go to Spotlight preferences

(File-Document Settings-Spotlight Preferences)

open the 'Classes and Color' pane

toggle on the 'Modify Lighting Instrument Color' check box and then choose how you would like to control the fixtures color

Next choose either 'Lighting Instrument' to control the color by class based attributes or

'Color Field' for direct control using the 'Attribute Palette' settings


Note, if you choose class based you can define which class or classes are controllable using the 'Modify only geometry in the class' drop down menu. You also have the option to save these settings a default at the bottom of the dialogue so you only have to go through this process once


In 2019 it is the same basic process but the old preferences dialogue has everything on in a single dialogue window



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

You can use direct RGB values for both!


for colouring symbols click on the fill or pen colour in the attribute palette and then on the standard colour picker icon.


for the colours emitted by lighting instruments when visualised you can access the same standard colour picker either in the lighting Device dialogue,  which is accessed by using the edit button in the OIP or using the edit command in the right click menu. Or by using using the colour field in the properties dialogue opened using the edit light command from the right click menu.

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