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Dishav Vasudev

VW 2019 - Object Info Palette shows "No Selection" even when objects are selected


I have been using Vectorworks 2019 since January this year and had no selection issue, however I have a query since I've started using/learning the Marionette Tool, it seems to randomly not select any object using the Left Mouse Button. The object will be highlighted in orange but no OIP selection, however if I Right Mouse Button click on the object, the information will appear. However, it's not always happening but a-lot of the time.


Is this common glitch in VWX 2019 or just something I'm going through?


It COULD also be the recent update SP5.2 that I did but no-one in my work environment seem to have the same issue as me. (and I'm the only one using the Marionette Tool so...my only deduction is a glitch?)




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It's possible there's a bug hiding somewhere in the Marionette tool that is causing this issue for you.

A restart of the application, or reopening of the file, should remedy the issue until the buggy steps are taken again.

I've been looking into this for a while now, but haven't tracked it down, so if you find yourself with a reproducible case, please let me know so I can report it for the engineers!

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@Marissa Farrell I feel it's a bug definitely because currently I use VWX at work only and I do shut down my workstation everyday (resulting in freshly open VWX when I come in). You are correct as restarting VWX does not bring the bug up as long as I do not use Marionette Tool, but when I do bring in various Nodes, this bug will begin. I have tried various files and new files but it does not seem to be the file but VWX itself otherwise I would have attached the file for you to examine.


Thank you for replying back as it's not something major and I can work with RightMouseButton to select but just wanted to know what & why it was happening as I thought it could be a feature to select Marionette Nodes in a different way.😌

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