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VW11.5 is so S-L-O-W.

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My own tests have shown that compared to VW11.01, VW11.5 runs much slower - 70% on both Final Quality RW and HLR, and 18-37% slower on a Custom RW test. Results were consistant across both OS10.3 and 10.4, and also across an 867MHz Powerbook G4 and a dual 2GHz G5.

I'm not sure I can agree with the claim for VW11.5 of "enhanced speed and reliability", especially since I now have trouble editing solids in the OIP.

I've gone back to using VW11.01 - at present the other enhancements are not enough compensation for all that extra "thumb-twiddling" time.

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Originally posted by islandmon:

v11.5 is superior in many ways and much less crash prone once all the requisite file reformatting,OS, directory tweedling, and Plugin cleaning is accomplished.

Would you care to explain what these proceedures are? Sounds interesting, but I have no idea of what you are talking about.

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I have repaired all permisions, and there has been no change to the result of the Final Quality and custom render. In any case the results were consistant across 2 different machines, so I don't see how a system fault could be blamed.

The weird thing is now the HLR test on my G5 has increased 8 times - more than twice what is was on the G4. The HLR test is a sheet of 8 HLR viewports,

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Like many others my first experiences with v11.5 were horrendous. All my existing v11.01 files were exhibiting unpredictable behaviors and during various walk-thru & renderings the results was often kernel panics and loss of

vital information. It turnned out that the server upgrade was

utterly inadequate. Only after receiving the CD of v11.5 was I able to make some sense out of the chaos.

First, the CD installed an entirely new ToolKit . All new plugins

with all the exact same names ! Only by comparing different install versions by date modiefied was I able to determine this

insidious procedure. Even then some Tools which worked flawlessly in v11 caused indeterminate crashes in v11.5.

Finding those tools required accessing multiple versions of files

in different versions of VW.

Then the Font & Symbol crisis emerged as I've clearly documented over the last few weeks.

On the OS side I used Cocktail to sort out the installs and manage the permissions and invisibles. All the usual routines.

The end result is a relatively stable configuration of known and workable tools , workspaces, fonts, symbols and techniques.

The issue of getting too far ahead of the program code that existed in v11.01 no longer appears to be a problem in v11.5.

Nevertheless, the timing of key strokes and drive to memory wait states is important as are the naming conventions for

the sorting of Layers, Classes, Symbols, Hatches, etc. .

The assignment of Class Attributes remians flaky. The importation of DWG files and legacy stuff requires re-fonting.

A single bad font instance in a symbol will take down the file.

In my experience rendering demands a very clean memory structure with minimal polys &redundancies, zero artifacts, and perfect fonts.Recursion will slow the process to a crawl if things are out of place.

Also, use of the 'backup' and timed saves requires that if there is a crash that your do not use the 'recent items' to open the file but use the most recently saved version. I believe that this little issue causes a lot of lost productivity and angst.

There's more ... but this info may help.

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We're running VW11.5 on a G5 1.8GHz with 1GB RAM running OSX10.4.1. It's speedy fast at startup and all, but after a few hours of pumping CAD, VW slows to an almost near halt. It's essentially unusable. The rest of the computer's function seem fine though. Sometimes restarting VW fixes it, but most often it requires a full system restart, which is, of course, both time-consuming and annoying.

Any thoughts? This is also independent of general "system cleanliness" as far as I can tell. We've tried a full system install from start and the problem didn't go away. Could it be something in the VW files being used? The odd thing is that it's a gradual thing, since when starting up VW at first, it's totally fine.

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Originally posted by Zeibin:

...after a few hours of pumping CAD, VW slows to an almost near halt...

Last year this was a common complaint. I have not heard of this for a while. I thought that this problem had been fixed either by Apple updates or VW updates.

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Sounds like you have to be a real IT wizz to sort the problems out. You would expect some assistance with installation from NNA but nothing comes with the 11.5 update and it has been out for a while now.

I have been experiencing some problems but have managed to get round them so far, but expect more to come.

The latest is when I open existing 11.0 files with 11.5 and click on the objects, all commands freeze for a few seconds and it feels like it is about to crash but has not yet.

I upgraded from 11.0 standard to 11.5 Architect / Renderworks for Windows and have add the SP.

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