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If you just want to share specific files around your office such as your Plant Resource file then you just need to place them in a shared location, such as on your server, and have your colleagues make them “favourite” files. This is done via their vw resource manager. Click on the gear icon and select “add favourites files”. 


Once the files are added as favourites your colleagues can access all the resources inside the files without actually opening them.


You will be able to view the file resources via the resource manager as well as via various tool selection menus.


The files can be updated and your colleagues will automatically have access to the updates.


However, to take it further, you may want to set up a workgroup for your office.


A workgroup will allow you to set up an organised Library of the myriad vw resources which can all be accessed by anyone who is part of the workgroup. 


Custom default line styles, hatches, textures, wall styles, etc etc can be set up and accessed directly by the tools that use these resources.


Office Template drawings can also be set up and accessible from the “File>New...” command. 


This is a must do if you want to standardise your office drawings.

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@BohHas provided good advice. If you want your plants to be available as Default Content, then you have to go the Workgroup method and you have to place VW file(s) with your resources in exactly the right subfolder in the workgroup.


A Workgroup folder can be on any server that can be connected to by all of the VW client machines. 


The Workgroup folder can even be on a file sharing service like Dropbox if you need mobility, but this is best for files that are only changed by a single person or change infrequently as there is a potential for file conflicts if changes are made by two users and each saves before the Dropbox sync occurs.


There are a number of threads floating around about how and where to put files in Workgroup folders. Do a search on my name and Workgroup and you should find what you need. If not, please ask again.

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I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking. 


Vectorworks Cloud services are a range of cloud based services provided by Vectorworks. It does have a file sharing capacity though I’m not sure if shared files can be integrated into a workgroup library or even set up as “favourites” in the resource manager.


Maybe if you give us a bit more detail about what you want we could possibly help. Cheers





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On 9/26/2019 at 7:10 AM, antonf26 said:

What is the best way to share my plant's resource file with other people in my office? I know you can say send it to them but I´m looking for a way where if I were to edit the document that the file would update automatically on everyone else's computer


Yesterday, Vectorworks 2021 SP3 shipped, and with it Vectorworks Cloud Services' enhanced folder sharing. With the new “Sync and Edit” permission, participants can sync a shared folder to their local desktop computer, enabling workflows that require multiple users to access and edit files stored in a common location. For Vectorworks Design Series users, project sharing and workgroup folders are now supported. I hope you enjoy it!

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