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2020 User Libraries


I am having a hard time getting my User Libraries to show up in the Resource Manager in 2020 on my Mac. 


I have put the folders I want in User>Library>Application Support>Vectorworks>2020>Libraries. (also shown as my User Folder)

I have also tried putting it in the Application Libraries Folder. 


No matter what I do, they don't show up in the RM. It worked just fine in 2019, so I'm a little lost. 


Thanks for any advice !

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Have you tried refreshing your Libraries or restarting vectorworks?



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I think there was a change in how VW reads the Path.

I think in previous VW versions you had to select the Libraries Folder,

while since VW 2020 you need to select only the parent 2020 Folder.

(Trailing "/" needed or not ?)

Or something like this.


Doesn't matter for me, as I forget the right Path writing every September !

Each year I need 3-5 trial attempts until the Path finally works. 





I miss-read and thought it is about the Workgroup Folder.

User Folder should work out of the box.


The only thing I can imagine is that you directly copied your VW 2019 Files

over into VW 2020 User Folder and it will ignore the older File Format.


At least I did a Batch Conversion of my VW 2019 Workspace Folder to VW 2020,

and (after I finally found the correct Path writing) my migrated Workspace data

appeared pretty quickly, while the Ressource Refresh.

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Thank you so much! The Batch Converting made it all work! 


Thanks again! 

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