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Mirror on Axis Node?

Dishav Vasudev

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Hello all,

I'm a 2D Vectorworks user who is new to scripting/marionette and I am in the process of creating a 2D Door plan plug-in object type. The problem I am having is I don't know how to else to mirror an object from the center axis of an another object.


The door image shows the red fill elements that I want to create (using mirror node) on the red line axis. I have got loci's of both center point and tried various ways to mirror it on the X & Y axis of those loci. 


I have been able to do this when I add a second point into the axis (i.e if point 1 is on (100, 50), the second point would be (100, 0) creating a line in y axis) however, if I change the door size in OIP, then it doesn't mirror how I want it to.



I've attached my method of marionette nodes, again this is my first attempt at this so any feedback in my working method would be very much appreciated. Am i doing something wrong in the script or is there another method?


(The reason for my own door even though VW has its own, is simply because of appearance and ease of use compared to the IFC door plug in.)

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