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Space Tool Improvments

A McDonell


1) Fix Lag Issues

2) Option check box to: Auto Centre Space symbol to space boundary (should update automatically when the boundary is changed)

3) Option check box to: Auto Constrain symbol text box widths to space boundary (this might be harder to achieve but will help keep thing tidy)

4) Show Space Symbol in Sections

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On 9/25/2019 at 9:15 PM, BG said:

Are there still Lag Issues with 2020?


Also interested in this. We're currently setting up our template in preparation for 2020SP3, currently we don't use spaces but are thinking about it and it would be handy to know what it's like in advance of setting up a custom tag for room names, areas etc. quickly.


I've previously read very mixed negative things about the space tool in terms of it slowing down the whole model but in theory it sounds useful.

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I am having a good experience at the moment using space objects and I am just on 2019. The project I am on atm has only about 20 space objects in it and it is just used for room names, areas and finishes which is generally all we need space objects for.


Others may have more complicated setups but here is what we do:


We have some custom space styles with custom tags. My biggest advice would be to get your first space style set up correctly. And by that I mean go through every setting to how you want it. You can then happily go and duplicate/edit this space style to create new ones and they will retain the basic set up.


We have set up everything by class with all nested space objects using "by-class" settings where possible. These are the classes we have set up:


These are some of the styles and tags we have set up:


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We have 37 space objects in one of the files we are working on. 
We use spaces to report location of items (eg, furniture, fittings, etc)
When modelling, we tend to switch spaces items off as they get in the way. 
If we change the dimensions of the room, we have to manually adjust the boundaries of the spaces. 
Adjusting the boundaries can be very time consuming, for us, there is a lag of 2+ seconds each time we drag a vertex. 

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I have to say, after contacting VW UK about this I had a good experience on a call with a member of their tech support team who renamed my user folder, forcing VW to set up a fresh one. Since then I am having a much better experience with Spaces and the file is much more usable. For context the file is a single house, with approx 15 space objects within it.

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Ive also had fantastic experiences with the distributers in Australia. Their service is the biggest factor stopping me from jumping ship to another set of software. The old user folder rename trick, works for a while then problems return, seems an absurd work around given the length of time that users have been complaining of space tools issues, and how integral a tool it is to so many parts of the software (Worksheets, Energos etc...)

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