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Worksheets, Walls Dimensioning, and Templates - Production Drawing Workflow



Disclaimer: Any of my comments below are in a sense my subjective proposal for the mentioned improvements to be taken in 

consideration only, Not a Demand.  Any reader who for whatever reason believes that the tone of any my comments imply a connotation of Demand can refer to this disclaimer.


To begin with from my experience there is significant distinction between the glamorous process of 3D modeling, or 2D design 

development drawings, or any hybrid combination of 3D modeling and 2D drawings, and the production drawings annotation process.  


During the production drawing annotation process, I can say with certainty from my own experience, and of other users I met that the spirits are high about the precise annotations necessary Not only for the plan check/permit requirements,

however additionally for the builder to interpret the drawings accurately excluding as much as possible any RFI requests during

the construction process.  Even though many projects are similar holistically, every single project is Unique, therefore each project's annotations are unique to the project as mentioned before not only for plan check/permit requirements, however in addition for the building process, therefore during this process of high spirits a streamlined annotations workflow would be highly valuable.


As a side note, there are a variety of 3rd party hardware, and software available that facilitate heads up menus for any programmed menu item, or keyboard shortcuts time savers and especially stress.


Worksheet improvements:

Keyboard shortcuts: All menu commands to have the ability to be assigned keyboard shortcuts that work at all times

-Currently, I can assign keyboard shortcuts in the mac os system preferences, however the keyboard shortcuts only work sporadically.

• Format cells options

- Alignment tab: Having all the alignment options as graphic Icons visible would help to easily click the needed option

without the need to choose from a pulldown menu, where the user could easily miss the needed option, or sometimes forget

the need to assign the proper alignment.

- Patterns tab: Similar to the Alignment tab to have all the pattern options displayed as graphic icons to easily click the needed

fill, rather than choose from a drop down menu when many times either the item below, or above is accidentally selected.

- Border tab: currently, there is a graphic representation of the border options, however having all the options available as graphic icons similar to the typical worksheet software would be a time saver. 

• Or inclusive (excluding redundancies), add a toolbar with icons below the menu commands with all the typical menu commands (e.g. text alignment, summarize, sort, font, fill color, border options etc.)

• Collapse/Expand Database Row

- Currently, I have check list worksheets for various pios, or objects with records with 3 database rows--Selected, Visible, and All

Having the ability to collapse/expand any of the database row rows would help

Freeze row(s), and Column(s)

- As mentioned previously by other users this option would be an additional time saver. 


Walls Dimensioning:

- Add a 2d locus or similar graphic representation at the center end of each wall so that dimensioning from center to center of 

of each wall would not require the typical need to double check sometimes to verify if the dimension snapped to the center of the wall.  Such an option could have a toggle option in the tool bar along side the "Auto Join Wall" option.

- In a previous post I mentioned the option for walls to represent their respective starts and ends while in top/plan view.  If such a option would become available, then snapping dimensions to these respective graphic representations would eliminate the need for any additional graphic option.



As much as I can set up a template, during any project the actual template improves while working with specific conditions.

I find it a waste of time to copy the improved settings from the an actual project to a template.

I could delete all the objects in the actual working file with the improved settings, however and especially with each newer version 

the file is prone to become corrupt.


Therefore, the ability to import all or any

Not only Design Layers, Sheet Layers and Classes,

however in addition, 

Saved views, which will inadvertently import any design layers and classes with their default settings




Or inclusive, preferably a "Create Template File Command" from a Current Working File

where all the possible settings (including units, dimension standards, title blocks, viewports, etc.) can be imported would be a great time saver.

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