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Title Block Borders in VW 2109


I am having a nightmare trying to set up my custom title blocks in a Workgroup folder. I managed to set up the work group folders after a previous post and help on here, but when I try to add a title block from the TBB manager it says that there are no resources in that folder. I have spent two hours reading threads and posts and moving, creating and renaming folders to no avail.


This really should not be so complicated.


Somehow I have managed to update an old custom title blocks from VW2016 and the file names are showing up red, as opposed to black, but they are still not available when in my workgroup folder.


I have set the correct path is preferences/user folders - see attached. Maybe it's folder naming issue?


See screenshots attached.





Screenshot 2019-09-24 at 18.52.17.png

Screenshot 2019-09-24 at 18.54.35.png

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Try putting a folder named "Sheet Boarder - Title Blocks" inside your Defaults folder and store the VW file with your Title Block there.


Things that are not in the correct folder in Defaults will not show up as Default Content when you use a tool to insert an object.


Check these threads for more info:




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I believe the "Sheet Border - Title Blocks" nomenclature was for 2018 and older. The folders seem to have been renamed since then to match how things are named in the program.


If you're looking to save the entire "Title Block Border" object style (which can include sheet size, margins, title block geometry, project/sheet data, etc.), then the necessary subfolder is:


  • Libraries > Objects Styles > Title Block Border (put file in this subfolder on your hard drive).


I believe this is what you are looking for, as it will then show up here when inserting new TBBs:


(Mine is in my User Library but it should be the same folder structure for a Workgroup Library)




However, if you only want to save the title block geometry itself to later insert into separate Title Block Border objects, then the correct subfolder is:


  • Libraries > Defaults > Title Blocks (put file in this subfolder on your hard drive).


Which would make them available in the TBB Settings dialogue box:



Hope this helps!



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I had the same hair pulling issue. Tried everything. There is definitely a bug in the system somewhere.


After checking and rechecking, starting and restarting (again), refreshing and rerefreshing libraries (again) it suddenly all started working...

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Well I can report back that I have tried what both Pat and Andy suggested and have made it work, at last! So big thanks to both of you. To make my title blocks available in the Resource Manager (not the whole sheet border) It seems that you have to use the precise terminology and locations to make this work, ie: VW Workgroup Folder/Libraries/Object Styles/Title Block Border/Title Blocks.vwx where the title blocks are in the vwx file.


See attached screenshot.




I am still not sure how to update old version title blocks to new styles, but seem to have managed this with two TBs with knowing how.


Thanks for the help.



Screenshot 2019-09-25 at 10.15.07.png

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