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In vector work is there a way that I can link a folder with logos so when I am inside vector work on my title block I can click in the logo and switch it without me having to open up the external folder and dragging the logo into vectorks . 



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If you make symbols of the logos (just drag the logo in, leave it selected and Modify:Create Symbol). You can then store this in a VW file containing the logos that can be referenced from your Resource Manager.


Once you have the logo file created and favorited you can bring the logo into the file you need it in, make the symbol from it there. Select it in the Resource Manager, right click and Export to your logo file so you don't even have to open it.


I don't know of a way to have a folder of non-VW Resource logos available directly.

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I don’t think you can do what you suggest however you can add the logo to the titleblock layout and it will update to all titleblocks in that file.


save it as a style if you want to use it in other files. 

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Yes. you can achieve this or something very close- the trick is to name the new logo the same as the old one in the external folder

So - say in your source folder place a logo called eg. Logo-TB

Edit your TitleBlock Layout and File>Import>Import Image File... and browse to the Logo-TB

Be sure to select Reference.


Now when you want to replace that logo in all TB's in your file just replace Logo-TB file in the external folder.

You may need to Update Reference in the Navigation Palette.



Referenced Image Logo.PNG

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@josue CoronaIt looks like we are reading different things into your request. Can you give us a clearer explanation of what you are trying to do and why so we can offer the best possible solution?

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A variation of this is to Reference the Image but select Relative Reference -

then as long as the name and relative location is the same each project file can reference an appropriate project logo.

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Thank you. 

so lets say I have a title block set up already with a logo of Apple (project). 

I do another project lets say Android ,.


I opened up my title block but now I wanna switch the apple logo to Android, what I do know is now I drag the logo from my computer desktop to the existing title block. 


What I wanna do its like I can just double click on the logo and it will take me to my desktop folder where I have my logos.


Pat I think your idea could work thou making it Symbols. 

Bcd I tried your idea but I could not get it to work I inserted my logo how you stated, but then changing it to a different one I did not get that . 

thank for the help 😄

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We have our Practice Stamp in a Class (Notes-Title-Stamp) that's set up as a grey class on our template. When we print an approved drawing set only then do we turn this Class on. The drawing set is saved BEFORE the batch print & isn't saved so we have to make the effort to turn the Class on before a drawing set is again issued to ensure a drawing isn't issued by mistake with a stamp on it. 


I suspect you could have as many logos as you like in Template each with it's own class.

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