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I like my scale bar to be along the bottom of my sheet. Typically 1scsle bar per sheet. The prob for me putting scale bars inside vp annotations is that everytimr the vp is moved the scale bar moves.


It would be nice if scale bars could link to viewports without actually being in its annotation space.

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Hey @collins. Low tech manual approach I’m afraid.

I don’t like any of the styles provided in the scale bar tool and I like my scale bars to live at the bottom of my sheet so I have made my own set of scale bar symbols that I place manually on my sheet (I.e. not in vp annotations).

So I have a scale bar for 1:100,1:50, 1:25 etc. They are all kept in a shared library file so can quickly be brought in to a file.

If there are vps of different scales on a sheet I just don’t have a scale bar, rather just have the scale noted in the drawing label.

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