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Two Leg Bridle Wont' Connect to Truss


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I am trying to create a simple two-leg bridle that connects to a stick of truss.  I've chosen two leg bridle in the toolbar plus Click Insertion Mode.  In the first example in the screen shot below, I click the left-most house rigging point, the rigging point in the middle, and then the stick of truss, and get the error message displayed "Invalid Bridle" (must be inside polygon etc etc).  In the second example in the screen shot, I rotated the truss 90 degress and did the same sequence, and the bridle is created correctly with the down-leg attached at the correct height for the truss.  At first I though it might be because the truss wasn't exactly aligned to the house rigging point, so I made sure they were exactly aligned in the center.  Does any body have any tips as to how I can get the first example to work?





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