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Why are there only rock musicians in vision?

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I've been using Vision for a few years now, mainly in dance and theatre and I've always been puzzled by lack of normal mode people in the object section. There are a bunch of scary looking rock musicians, and a hockey player that looks like a serial killer. 

So, dear Vision developers: can I have some normal looking folks, walking, leaning, pointing and standing please?! If you are feeling creative, one them can have a finger up his nose. You choose the nostril. Thanks.



PS. I like the Hockey Killer. I put him in all my models. 


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Prior to Vision being owned by Vectorworks, ESP Vision was it's own thing from a company based in Vegas. If I were to guess the reason for the rock musicians, it was mainly marketed more to that side of the entertainment industry.


People are about the only objects I don't import from VW and manually add on the Vision side. Since they are low-polygon, they won't slow rendering to a crawl like that old VW human figure tool that used about a billion polygons.


I definitely agree, VW+Vision should have a better selection of people to drop in.

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On 9/20/2019 at 8:21 AM, Rob Books said:

we are working on getting more figures for Vision, the issue is the 3D companies want to ensure that their figures can not be exported to other software from inside VW and Vision.


Why wait for other companies?  I have to imagine there are people who work at VW that are really good at creating.  Put a call out to users.  I'm willing to bet that people would be thrilled to have some of their work included in VW.



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On 9/25/2019 at 8:45 AM, JakeSliv said:

As long as you are working on it, I'm content. I don't want to explain to any more clients, that the weird bass player with dreadlocks is a stand in for a ballerina. 


In order to make the occasional scene more relatable, I will extract an image from prior show, rehearsal, etc and craft image props from them. I also use the legacy human figure tool as well. I'll take a costume render and extract relevant sections, turn em into RT textures and use them on the various clothing items, then make a symbol of that figure in a position typical of some of the relevant dance, et voila—the corps de ballet!


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Added sample figure from photo
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