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Crash when creating and reordering layers

Daniel B. Chapman


I have a bug that is causing consistent crashes. Vectoworks 2020, Windows 10, latest build.







This doesn't consistently trigger the crash, but creating a new layer with the default name, renaming it, and moving it before clicking OK does seem to trigger the crash. I was able to crash it immediately after creating these screen shots. I should note this has happened on several different documents, including simple documents that don't include my libraries.

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2 hours ago, jblock said:

@Daniel B. Chapman thank you for submitting this. We were actually able to replicate this based on a few other reports as well. Our engineering team is aware and working on a fix.


Thanks again!

@jblock This is fantastic to hear!  I'm having the same issues.  I can [Save] just after each "add" before VW2020 crashes.  But it will crash.  Since I can create/move (1) layer at a time... and then [Save] fast... when I reopen VW the new Layer/Order will be as updated.  Just frustrating!



  • Win10 Home x64 v1903 Build 18362.295
  • Intel i7-7500U @ 2.70/2.90GHZ
  • 250GB-SSD + 1T-SSD 
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Any update on this?  We are having stability issues around in the organization dialog as well causing VW to crash. Can't duplicate or change order of design layers in some cases.  VB-165189 doesn't looks like it has been addressed in any of the service packs so far. 

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