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Spotlight vs Braceworks (An Example Calculation)

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Hi all,


So I'm having a little trouble with Spotlight beginnings prior to Braceworks analysis.


Please see image and example file attached.




I believe I've made the simplest example I can; 1 x Truss, 2 x 0.5T Hoist, 1 x Lighting Fixture.


When I choose to calculate my system my Hoist Workload seems to give me this error of Suspension Point? I've tried to put house points in, I've tried to make bridles to other points in the roof. It doesn't seem like I can just say these Hoist are allowed 500kg each, my system weighs Truss+Lights (in this case ~40kg), give me the green light and no warnings please. This youtube video ( https://www.yout [DONT EMBEDD PLZ] ube.com/watch?v=RKQ3k78EwR8 ) seems to make the process quite easy however I haven't made a rig which is error free yet.


Does anyone have a guide, video, anything which shows Braceworks from start to finish - particularly for those of us working in Spotlight preparing models for Braceworks calculations? Or let me know what's wrong with my basic example and I'll apply it across my advanced rigs.


Hope you're all well.



Please test me - Braceworks without Braceworks.vwx

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

We need to look at this a little further to see what's happening. You don not have Braceworks so you can not preform calculations. (Designer does NOT include Braceworks.) Spotlight only has the ability to run a system and check to see that hoist, truss and loads are attached so that you can run the calculation in Braceworks.  What you are seeing may be a side effect of the loads not being calculated because you do not have Braceworks.

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