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Fix the MAJOR bugs in current version before releasing new version


Major know bugs like the Annotation/ to Design Layer/ to back to annotation layer bug.  This is a major work flow issue, that has cost me time.  It wasn't an issue until 2019 service pack 3 or 4.  

No despite what tech support said on the phone it is not a user issue, or "your not suppose to do it that way"  It used to work that way fix it. 

It adds steps, steps add time, time takes away from efficiency. Lack of efficiency cause users to look for more efficient ways, exploring other options.

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I think I know this bug, viewports appear to lose their class visibility / override settings after clicking through the 'Edit Design Layer' function from within an annotation space. Once you return to the viewport, things look pretty messed up. I suspect it's a graphics conflict, because the overrides don't respond after it happens, but the settings are still there. I stopped using it, but Martin is right, why have the function in the context menu if you're not supposed to use it? Fortunately, after panicking that my file had had a meltdown, I found a restart returned the override setting on screen.        

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Hi @MartinFahrer, I provide Tech Support for the New Zealand distributor of Vectorworks. I suspect the behaviour you're experiencing might just be symptomatic of either a file condition such as far-out-objects, or a corrupt object, file, Workspace or preference file. If this behaviour is due to a bug anyone should be able to reproduce the problem by performing an 'acid test' as per below. It could be a bug that's conditional on your specific hardware or system setup, but I've encountered so very few of those in my time doing Tech Support that I think that is unlikely, especially as you didn't experience it until a recent Service Pack. Seeing as the symptoms are graphics-related, it would also be prudent to rule out graphics card drivers as a potential cause by updating or reinstalling them, but do the acid test first



So that any interested or vested parties could verify if this is a bug, could you at least please explain:

  • Pertinent conditions of the file. 
  • The sequence that exhibits the problem and 
  • What the symptoms are. 

Better yet, provide a file you've experienced this with and a screen recording. 



Here's what I would do to verify and/or correct the cause of this issue: 


Acid Test: 

In a 'new blank document' (not a custom template) create the same objects, conditions and/or sequence. - If you can recreate it and others can too, then it's almost certainly a bug. 


Update Graphics Card Driver: 


Perform Resetting Vectorworks Preferences: 

To eliminate potentially corrupt Workspaces, Preferences or Vectorworks system files etc. 


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Graphics drivers are up to date.  This is a known bug, because I have recreated it from a blank document while on the phone with vecrtorworks tech support using team viewer.  Also a co worker on another windows machine has exactly the same issue.


When in Annotation layer you right click and proceed to design layer.


When you are done in design layer you exit view-port to return to Annotation layer.


When you return to Annotation layer EVERYTHING is off, the fix is to exit annotation layer and view full page (ctrl 4) then go back in to annotation layer to continue work)


Up until 2nd 2019 update when you returned to the annotation layer you could continue work without the extra step of going out then back into the annotation layer.



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Thanks for posting the workflow required to produce this problem. 


I've recreated this behaviour in Vectorworks 2019 SP5.2, but was unsuccessful in doing so in Vectorworks 2020 SP0. So unless there are other unspecified conditions required to invoke it, it seems to have been fixed in Vectorworks 2020. 

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