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Notes Manager VW2020


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On 3/10/2021 at 1:30 AM, Boh said:

Hey @Hugues I've just upgraded from vw2019 to vw2021 and am struggling with the new notes manager.


If I write a callout note I'm struggling to see how to add that note to a database.


I have the callout.

I right click "edit" to open the edit callout dialogue

I click on "Add Note to Database"

Now what? Do I have to retype or copy/paste my note into the dialogue? I've already written the note, how can I just add it to the database?


See video. I must be missing something.... Please help!



We was able to reproduce the issue (when the default database does not exist). @iborisov will look it.


Best Regards,

Kostadin Ivanov

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Thank you! I haven’t had time to play with the notes manager since my earlier post but do need to sort this out as notes databases are very much part of my workflow. I should find time this week. Thanks!

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@Boh I am hoping that through these discussions notable improvements are made by VW. I use the NM, but I'm a one-person office, not trying to reference a file that is shared. Sadly, it will get worked out on the backs of many frustrated users who are trying to make this work with a jointly referenced file.

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We have also transitioned into vw2021, from vw2019, and just getting my head around the General Notes/Call Out Notes/Notes Manager workflow. A colleague who is setting up notes for the General Notes tool has found out that you can't Add multiple notes at the same time with this new workflow. You were able to in 2019. Is this WAD?

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@twk It's taken me sometime to adapt to this workflow, but I like having a database of notes. I'm a solo, so I don't have the problems that others have with locating a central database.


I still find that Callout tool frustrating to manipulate, align and adjust its length. I guess that's how it is.

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