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Notes Manager VW2020


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I have read many discussions about what did not make it into VW2020. With that in mind, I'd like to say thanks for something that is vastly improved in the new version.


The callout database / notes manager for VW2020 is a vast improvement over the old one. I haven't yet experienced the database corruption issues that seemed to affect the earlier version (for years). The interface is more intuitive and streamlined. And the fact that you can edit callout notes and push the edited notes back through all the instances of the note is pretty impressive.  Thank you!


In general, we have found VW2020 to be much more stable than 2019, Especially in a project sharing environment. Our files were migrated from VW2019 or perhaps earlier. I haven't found a reason not to switch to the new version.





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Not working. Used to be you just unchecked "get text from database" in callout preferences then you just add/edit text in the notes manager: callout dialogue box. Now, (with a new callout), open up callout preferences, "get text from database" unchecked, hit ok, place the callout, and the callout database menu opens, not the notes manager callout dialogue box. I don't want to add every note to a database. This has to be a bug.

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SP1 still broken. wear me out.


Callout tool/ Callout preferences is text from database only, no matter if the text options box is checked or not. DOES NOT WORK. New file, old file doesn't matter. This is critical to my work flow and renders 2020 USELESS.

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I hate reinstalling software (If your going to sell us on ease of migration, then shouldn't it work?). Will try blowing out the plists/librariesand see if that helps. Tech support has become a black hole. No interest in helping. As best I can tell all the good people have left.. Not sure why I pay for Service Select...

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There must be something not quite right about your VW installation. 


When I open your files in 2019 I can Select" Show Database Controls" and a dialogue box opens up that lets me select a database and its location.


When I open your files in 2020, I can select the database menu pulldown and do the same.  I can also add the note to a given database. 


In both instances I can change the text.  2020 allows me to edit all instances of the text associated with the database. 





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1 hour ago, jnr said:



Does my profile not show up?

Designer 2019 + 2020, iMac pro on Mojave 10.14.6

callout test 2019.vwx

callout test 2020.vwx

Screenshot 2019-09-18 16.17.03.png

Screenshot 2019-09-18 16.19.19.png

Could you please describe what is happening?

When create a new callout, enter the callout text and click OK, the callout isn't created?

When you edit this callout, enter a new callout text and click OK, the text doesn't change on the callout?



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In 2019 if "Get Text from Database" is unchecked, the Notes manager Callout menu appears (see screen shot above)and I can just enter a note without it being in a database.In 2020/Callout preferences, check or uncheck "Get Text from Database" appears to have no affect, the same Edit Callout menu appears (and setting the Database to "none", the text does not become part of a database). Am I supposed to be seeing the same menu from 2019 in 2020 for non-database callouts (Notes manager Callout menu)?


Am I just confused that the menu interface has changed between 2019 and 2020? If so why is this not noted in the literature or new features or did I miss something?

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Both the interface and the functionality have changed between versions.  The 2020 interface is now streamlined. VW has done away with the confusing update/locate dialogue box. 


In 2020,  callouts are updated by clicking on the note in the database.  Callout Notes that are updated through the database manager now will be pushed out to every instance of the callout whether in annotations or in a design layer.  The "Resolve Note Conflict" bug/corruption issue seems to have been fixed.





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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
1 hour ago, jnr said:

Cberg:  Thanks for the clarification. Does this mean that the 2019 simple Notes Manger: Callout menu (for non-database notes) has gone away in 2020? (Am trying to determine if my 2020 install is corrupted or not)

Yes that is correct. What you are seeing is the new 2020 interface.

If you are not using databases, you can just ignore everything above the Callout text control. These controls are disabled except for the first one, which still allow you to select a database in case you need it, without having to change your preferences.

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@jnr I am having similar problems. I can't seem to add notes or additional Sections in the Database. They disappear once I've added them. This feature used to work, now it does not. I have copied and pasted notes from another file, but they don't seem to stay in the database - the VW one or the User one. I tried to add a Section titled "Restrooms" for relevant notes. They disappear.



Screenshot 2019-10-15 14.54.20.png

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@iborisov It might be working now, but it's a clumsy, clumsy tool. I have to save it in my User's Notes and not in VW's notes. It takes too many clicks. It also doesn't allow me to migrate across the menu box like it did in 2019. I don't find this tool helpful at all right now. I'm also trying to find where the User's notes file lives so I can copy it and keep it for the next version. That too is clumsy.

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Ok, so I read through all these and my particular problem is not addressed but ill add it here anyway and maybe it'll get some attention. I just moved over to 2020 and when I go to place a note form the data base i am not getting the buttons that allow you to add the note to the list to be displayed. Do i not have some kind of preference checked? ive looked with no luck.967175992_notesmanager.thumb.png.ef831ec75cfaa8f875bd9950e9aeb421.png

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