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window reflection


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I tried to set up the glass texture on a window to act like tinted glass with the sunlight bouncing off the glass and then showing up as a reflected light on other objects like the pavement.  I've been tinkering but can't find the right settings to show any light bouncing off the glass.  I've set the texture reflectivity to "mirror" but that doesn't seem to make the light bounce. (It does make other textures visible on the glass as I would expect for a 'mirror'.)  I set the 'lighting" control to allow indirect light (1 bounce) but again, it didn't work.   Is it possible to make the texture work in the way I describe ?  If so, please tell me the proper texture settings because I'm obviously too ignorant to figure this out.   Thanks.     (I'm using VW Arch 2015 with renderworks)

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hello domer1322:


I think what you are wanting are caustics?  To do that you turn on caustic photons on the light (spot or point I believe) and also it has to be on in the render settings (like render style or Custom RW Options).  And the caustic photons have a brightness that you can control at the bottom of the Obj Info palette for the light.


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Dave:  thanks for the help, but .....   I looked for "caustics" in those places you mentioned, without success.  I opened the VW help manual and searched for 'caustics' and returned "no results".   I suspect this feature is in a newer version, and not available in the version I'm using - VW 2015.   Does that mean that I can not generate the light reflections that I want in VW 2015 ? (as mentioned in the original post).    .... or is there another way to do it ?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Oh, caustics must have been added after 2015 then.


Caustics are focused reflections which I think is what you are wanting.  The indirect lighting is "diffuse" and doesn't really simulate focused light like from refraction (water glass) or reflection (disco ball).  Without that you could project a pattern manually by making a textured 3D polygon floating in space (using transparent image shader in the texture) with a spot light behind it.  But I doubt you would want do that much work for it.


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