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MAC to PC conversion

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Thanks for all the quick responses!

It still won't open using all the suggestions. It must have gotten corrupted somehow. The file is a VW 11 Mac file. I'm trying to open it with VW 11.5 PC.

The message says:

This is an unrecognized file. It may be a VectorWorks file created by a newer version of the application, it may be a very old MiniCAD file, it may have been created by another application, or it may have been corrupted by a hardware or system error.

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I've had files get corrupted during e-mailing, a while back. At that time, it seemed best to zip the file before e-mailing.

And also a while back, Mac's used to store 2 actual disk files for every file that appeared in the directory. I don't know if that's still true. Back then, if you were to put one drawing file on a floppy disk and give it to a PC, the PC would see 2 files, one of which was the drawing file, and the other of which was of no use to the PC. If they still do that, and if by chance you took the other file and added an .mcd extension, then you might get the result you described. Unlikely, but otherwise it must be a damaged file.

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The file may not be recognised because of the missing .mcd part so the best and quickest route I've found is to be in VW, go to open file, when you start looking in the place you've saved the file is to change the bottom window option "File of type" from Vectorworks file to All types and then you'll see all the files but you can open the VW one because you'll recognise its name.

You can of course get the file outside of VW, right click on it and go to properties and then designate the program used to open this file there if you want.

Touch wood never had a problem either way, Mac to PC and Vice Versa.

One other thing, just cofirm which version he has, newer versions will open older but not the other way. For example if he's got 11.5 and you've got 10.5 etc he'll have to export it down to your version. If its the other way your okay but you'll have to export it down for him if you send him the file back.


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Their email program is most likely set to send attachments as binary files.

From your email program, save the file as [filename].sit.

Double click on the file to expand it.

This will give you a [filename].dat file which can then be renamed to [filename].mcd.

The best solution is to ask the Mac user to change the attachment encoding to PC format. This is the best encoding for both Mac and PC users. The other options are usually only supported with Mac mail clients.

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