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Landru Design Vectorworks Entertainment Tools Updated

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We are happy to announce Vectorworks 2020® versions of our tools have been released!  In addition to getting things ready for Vectorworks 2020®, we've been working on the usual "under-the-hood" refinement and on adding some features several users have been requesting.  As evidenced by the Audio ToolSet tools' "Symbol" functionality released earlier this year, we really do listen to your requests!


The most apparent improvements you'll see have to do with text display in the VideoScreen 4 tools.  You'll see things like the ability to generate 3D text blocks (discussed in one of the Facebook VW groups recently)...customize item labels...and, to display additional textual information.


If you're one of our users and purchased one of the VideoScreen 4 licenses or a Producer's Pack 3 license since February 11, 2018, these updates are available to you free-of-charge.  If your license is older than that, we believe that you'll find our upgrade offers to continue to be quite generous.  If you hold a license to one of the other tools, your current link and password will allow you to download a version for Vectorworks 2020®.


If you're not one of our users, yet, and would like more info, visit one of the links in my sig for more details, to download manuals, or to check out the upgrade offers.


Happy Vectorworking!

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