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Mac Pro "trash can" duel video cards for VW

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I'm looking at a 2013 Mac Pro cylinder. The specs look pretty good, except it has two video cards, each with 2GB of RAM. My question: does Vectorworks "see" this as a 4GB GPU or does it only see one of the video cards? It seems like an odd thing for Apple to do, but it is less than the cost of a reasonably equipped iMac. I already have a monitor; I just need a CPU for VW. Any advice on this is very appreciated.



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VW, as most other Apps, can see only one of the GPUs.

Just a few GPU Renderers were able to use both.

And of course some Apple Software like FinalCut.

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OK, thanks for the quick reply. That seems like a big bottleneck for running Vectorworks.


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I have the 6core with 2 D700s, 6GB each.

So far it runs still all all of my kind of projects fine.

It is not so much slower in VW compared to my recent Ryzen PC.


2GB D300 may be the lower limit spec but it depends on your usage

(like many view panes open) and project sizes. 4GB D500(?) should

still be ok.

I just know that my 2007 Mac Pro with only 512 MB ATI card reached its

limits for me at the end of 2014. And that my 2009 Mac Mini Server,

although discrete NVidia card, is not able to run any recent CAD or 3D.

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