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2021 Architecture Wishlist

Tom Klaber


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19 hours ago, Tom Klaber said:

Never too early - Here are some of my wishes for 2021 - please add as you see fit.


Looking forward to all the great things in 2021!  


Thanks for your list @Tom Klaber.

Concur with you in particular needing some tweaks with Cabinet tool. Currently, its a pain to get full-height-cabinets to show with the correct line weights and hatch in plan. 

I just want to add two basic, fundamental things to the wishlist 


Project sharing is crazy and unreliable. It needs to work stably. See my post with project sharing issues below. 


Speed up rendering elevations + sections, we require this for daily work, and sorely need the speed to improve. 

1. Export DWG drawings in a reasonably-sized file (currently too big and clumsy).
2. Mac Vectorworks should 'LiveSync' to Parallels desktop Window Lumion. 

References below



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3 hours ago, Amorphous - Julian said:



Project sharing is crazy and unreliable. It needs to work stably. See my post with project sharing issues below. 






How could I forget about this!!  This one is huge.  We have completely given up on project sharing.   We run our server on Google Drive and we were having all sorts of issues, and they were told that the system does not support Google File Stream - which is the only Google Drive sync now available to G-Suite customers....  It's a little crazy that we have not heard ANYTHING about project sharing for a couple of fo releases now.  This is soooo crucially important that there needs to be a capability, capacity, and stability improvements with every SP and Major Release.  


I started my own office, and we are small right now, but this could be the thing that forces us to move to another solution if this is not figured out.  

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@Tom Klaber 


I think you may find similar frustrating situations with project sharing in the following post.


I update that post semi-regularly, but get no attention from the good people here.


With our small team of 3-4 working on the same project, it's impossible to NOT 'project share'.


But project-share with VW is also impossible, given the regular file errors, and lack of attention from VW to improve it.  



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Yeah - 2022 might be a more realistic title for this thread since I recall that Vw has an 18-month engineering cycle.


Many of the wishlist items listed in this thread already have existing wishlist topics. Here are several links to existing individual wishlist items included in this thread that everyone should go up-vote, if they haven’t already.

Stair tool rehab for 2050

Stair Tool

Stair Tool

Viewport “Styles”

Vectorworks User Interface Overhaul

Window and Door Tool Maturity

Bi-Folding Sliding Doors for Door Tool

Custom Cabinet Setting - No Top

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Totally agree with the the Door/Window comments but would add that a similar upgrade is needed for curtainwalls.  Not only is the current approach - creating a symbol for the curtainwall - clumsy and time-consuming, it's clearly a workaround to a problem that shouldn't exist by this time.  Let's not forget that most of us are not designing 50 story buildings but rather small structures that need the ability to have multi-unit window assemblies.  We can easily buy the actual windows but can't draw them or interact with them to the same extent that we can work with the walls. .... and we won't talk about how much more sophisticated and fluid these elements are - and have been - in other CAD programs.

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7 hours ago, Tom Klaber said:

I do not understand why this is difficult.  This drives me nuts -, especially for hatches.  It seems to my uneducated mind, that that there could simply be a World Reference Point  - a global (0,0,0) that you could set as the origin for the hatch or texture.  This should instantly align these from object to object, layer to layer.  You could then take it one step further by allowing offset from this 0,0,0. Obviously this is harder than I think - otherwise, we would already have it.   I have given up on getting my brick hatches to align from layer to layer - and just look at the ground in embarrassment and shame as I blame my printer when my elevations print....

I often resort to putting a mask over the walls using the extract surface tool to fix up the misaligned textures. This works, but it's a hassle when things change as you have to redo it.

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