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VW 2019 - Revit Import - Doors and Symbols

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I did a Revit Import.

Beside the culprits with 2D and exploded line styles,

at least there are coming "PIOs" in, at first glance.


For Example Doors look more or less look like expected.

If you look deeper :


Doors are not real PIO but a Door PIO that loaded a non-parametric

Symbol of the whole Door Geometry.


They produce the correct Hole in Walls by the Symbol, although they

don't even have the correct Length and Width Settings.

Just all kind of Doors have a default 0,91x2,13 m or so setting entry.


Repairing or editing such Symbols is quite tedious too)


And what happened to me with Symbols in Doors like that is that :

As those Door Symbols from Revit Families had very cryptic and long Names


Neiter the Symbol Preview in Doors Settings General Tab, nor its Selection

DropDown Dialog is able to display the FULL Symbol Name !

Therefore I tried to rename my Symbols with suitable and recognizeable

Names in Resource Manager.


But such Door Symbols seemed to not be really wired with Symbols in

Resource Manager, The Door Settings/Definition is (at least partly)

not able to update the Definition/Name of the updated Symbol.


That leads to a point, when you reopen the file, that the Symbols are missing

and replaced with a VW Default Door - which of course uses the wrong

arbitrary default Dimensions (described in #2.) and Wall cut outs.



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