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VW 2020 - IFC4 Export - loss of manual IFC tags

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I have a VW 2019 project (under NDA btw).

Mostly PIOs but also custom 3D geometry, tediously manually assigned with BIM Tags.


So far in VW 2019, IFC 2x3 Exports were fine.

(Never tried IFC 4.0 in VW 2019 so far)


If I open the file in VW 2020,

everything is there.

(initially I thought migration to VW 2020 would delete my manual BIM tags)

I can even save the file in VW 2020, without any loss.


But as soon as do an IFC 4.0 Export, once completed,

silently ALL my manual assigned IFC Tags are gone.

Just like that.



If I would save that VW 2020 file after IFC 4 Export attempt, without any further modifications,

my Tags would be gone forever.


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VW 2019 behaves the same after an IFC4 Export.

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And BTW2


Stairs (VW PIO Stairs),

at least with VW 2020,

won't export at all for me.

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Seems the problem is something different.


VW differs between IFC 2x3 and IFC Tags and tagging.

Once you apply the other version Tag - VW switches between modes

and your former other version Tags seem to be gone.

You won't see 2x3 Tags when in IFC4 mode and vice versa.

But you can switch by assigning a Tag from the other mode, and your

formar Tags will come back.


Unfortunately VW also switches its IFC mode when you do an IFC Export

in the other Mode.


Basically, if you need both IFC versions,

you have to apply duplicated Tags, one for 2x3 and one for 4.

Double the work of basically assigning the exact same Tag.


This normally doesn't effect PIOs, just custom, manually tagged geometry.

With one small exception - Stairs !


So far I haven't found any way to automate IFC4 Tag duplication from

IFC2x3 Tags, or better assign both versions in one go.

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