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Ryan Seybert

New hinge corners do not work as advertised... 2020

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Currently, still on 2019 SP5 for real work but installed 2020 to test it out before integrating it into my firms workflow.  Pretty sure I'm not the only one thats discovered this, but I also have  not found anything in any other forums discussing this:


The hinge corners do not work as advertised... if at all.  All the marketing shows cool grab handles and easy manipulation of the object.  The reality is that they do not work like that straight out of the resource manager.


My first attempt was pulling a 12x12 Tomcat Hinge straight from the resource manager.  It came in as just a 2d/3d symbol with no edits possible.  I tried using the "Insert Truss" tool, same results except that the object now identified as a truss object.  I opened up the "Customize Truss Symbol Data Wizard" (which they've moved from the OIP to the menu that pops up when you right-click on the truss object) and found none of the information was applied.  I filled it out to best of my knowledge, exited the wizard, and all of the objects 2D and 3D geometry disappeared.  


Because Tomcat refuses to give their truss data to anyone except for engineers, my second and third attempts were with different manufacturers, thinking that was part of the problem.  I found the same results.


My forth and final attempt was with the exact truss they used in the marketing videos, Eurotruss.  It work like a champ, exactly like the marketing videos.  Imagine that.


As with the rest of the new features added to VW Spotlight 2020, I was super excited for this feature.  It's something thats been asked for for years and years.  Really hope this gets taken care of in SP1, otherwise its a complete waste of time.  So far the only new feature that I've found that works great is the DMX Patch tool.  That'll for sure save some time.



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@rseybert I just tried the "Truss Book Hinge Tomcat TC1212-VHB" and it worked exactly the same way as the Eurotruss symbol. Make sure you update your library and did not migrate library files from 2019. The symbols contain new data and have been modified to work properly as a hinge.

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Hello to Whom it may concern,


I am finding issues, that need attention in VW2020.  I have also found that TC1212-AVB and TC1212-VHB do work. But, i have found TC1212-AHB and TC1212-VVB don't work.  When i try to insert the symbol, the Truss Properties Cross section pops up asking for data. After, inputing values symbols without geometry are inserted.

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@LMorga I tried the truss straight out of the resource manager and I had no issues with the TC1212-AVB and TC1212-VHB as you also report.  However, at this time the TC1212-AHB and TC1212-VVB are not supported.  It was decided to leave the hinges that are not supported at this time in the program but change them to regular 2D/3D symbols in case there was a user that needed them.  The only way to make them hinge is to manually adjust the 3D geometry in the Edit 3D Components window of the symbol.  They will not support auto connect or calculations but at least they can be used.


The other workaround is to take the TC1212-AVB and TC1212-VHB and click the 3D only radio button in the OIP.  This will allow the hinge to be rotated in 3D views but it will still function as a hinge.  If you have any further questions please DM me and I will see if I am able to assist.

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@LMorga  @rseybert We may have an idea why some of hinges work for some users but not others. We are doing some testing and will post information (hopefully the solution) once we know more.

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