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Vision 2020 problems

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go figure, expected with a new version, but this is a brand new issue I have never seen before.  So I downloaded 2020, and uninstalled 2019....


Made a simple show file, and sent it to vision, and this happens everytime, no matter what file I use to export.


So an UNINSTALLED program is crashing... causing me to not be able to launch 2020.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled... but I must be missing something.


Vision 2019.JPG

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Try opening one of the sample files in the "Demo Documents" folder. I would start with the "Small Demo".

If this still fails please contact tech support so we can make sure the uninstall cleaned out all your settings and take a look at the install log to make sure there were no errors during installation.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

We did some checking and the error message saying Vision 2019 crashed is incorrect, the message should say Vision 2020.


Try opening some of the default sample files that are shipped with Vision 2020. They are located in the Vision application folder in the "Demo Documents" folder. I would start with "Small Demo.v3s" in the "Small Demo" folder and then try opening the large ones.

These are known good files and if Vision opens these files we can take a look at what in your file is causing vision to crash.

If the demo files crash Vision when you try to open them we will need to look at your hardware configuration and installation to see where the problem is.


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It is windows ten, but I have confirmed that vision is running off the nvidia GPU.


What gets me is that a program that is not even installed is crashing.  I have a file into support we will see what they say.  In the meantime I have just been setting everything up manually in 2020 as it runs just fine standalone.


I will keep everyone updated.

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