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Callout background colour not showing

Rob P

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This is probably something obvious, but I've searched for and can't find the answer...

I've set up a text style for callouts which includes a white background so that the label is easy to read when overlapping a base plan - see image below:


However, as you can see the background isn't showing...


Settings for the text style are below:



Any ideas anyone?

[I'm running Landmark 2019 - not yet brave to install 2020]




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Now I'm feeling stupid!

I was expecting that by applying a background that would auto-generate a fill...

Thanks for your help - my excuse is that I have to jump between AutoCAD/Keyscape, VW, SketchUp and Adobe as all my clients have their own styles and approaches...




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Having this problem now, even if you set the class object to have a fill, it doesn't take the style color at all? I would have thought that the text styling should override object settings. Otherwise it makes the background color selection in text styling useless with call outs? It works with standard text (by automatically changing the object fill settings) but not with call outs, so either a bug or an oversight?


Might be fixed in 2021, waiting for the localized version so I haven't been able to test.

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