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How to set line type (dash) default?


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Ok this one seems like an easy one:


We have our line tool default set to a solid line (for most uses) and want to leave it as the primary setting.


However, we often want to draw a dashed line - so we select "line type" from the attribute pallet and ..... end up with an obscure dash style that we never use.

Every time we do this we get the same obscure dash style.


I've tried setting a default dash using the eyedropper, etc. to no avail.


How do I set the "line type" default style so that it sticks to something (on purpose)?



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With hatches you can go to the resources palette and without any objects selected in the drawing environment right click to bring up the contextual and select apply. Henceforth that would become the hatch that would first appear when you switch from one of the other setting like solid or none to hatch. For some reason this doesn't seem to work for linetypes. At least not on the PC version of VW2013, but what does work is at the beginning of a project or when setting up an office template you draw your line. Leave it selected and change it to dashed, then change the dash style to the one you wish to be the default. Open the resources palette and delete the linetype that first appeared leaving only the one you intend to be the default. Now you can add any number of additional linetypes including the one just deleted and the intended default will "stick". At least until it is deleted from the file.

I believe ISO-02 becomes the default dash type due to alphabetical sorting of the linetypes in the library file that comes with VW and is typically buried in a system folder. That library file is what gives you linetypes to choose from when there are none embedded in you working file.

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Larry - Wow - quite the innovative solution. 


I tried following your advice and it looks like you have to delete all of your line styles and then repopulate them from elsewhere. 

For me, each time I deleted the 'default' line style a different one would take it's place.

I presume, therefore, that the attribute pallet maps the default to the "oldest" line style in the file. 


Unfortunately, we have a lot of objects in our master file that would lose their mapping if I deleted all of the line types at once.  So, I'm going to use this current nuisance as the catalyst to shift our line types into class attributes and control them that way.



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