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Andy Broomell

Pulling Data from Title Block Borders into Worksheets

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Ever since Title Blocks were revamped a couple years ago, I've been unable to create a simple Drawing Schedule (list of sheets) as a worksheet that's linked to my Sheet Layers / Title Blocks. It used to be as simple as pulling record fields from the Title Blocks, but that doesn't seem to work anymore, so I'm obviously missing something.


Note that I DO NOT want to use Tools < Reports < Create Sheet List, as this creates an unlinked worksheet (an idea with I completely loathe). In my workflow I constantly re-name and re-number sheets throughout a project, so I need a worksheet that is always up to date without having to manually do anything.


I see that it's possible to pull some data from TBBs, as seen in the screenshot of my test below:



All I really need is 'Sheet Data'.'Sheet Title' but that doesn't seem to work?


For my first column I just used =L in the column header which works fine to pull the sheet layer number.


Here's an image of my simple goal, which I had in VW2017:





@Nikolay Zhelyazkov @Pat Stanford



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I don't have a lot of time to play right now, but it seems to work OK for me here. Tested in VW2020.


Create a Database with a criteria of Type is Title Block Border.


In Column A use the disclosure Triangle to show the dialog box and choose Records  Sheet Data and the choose Sheet Number as the field


In Column B do the same but choose Sheet Title as the field.


Strangely enough, the record name is note Sheet Data but rather  Title Block Sheet Data and you end up with a formula like   ='Title Block Sheet Data'.'Sheet Number'


Ask again if this does not help



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By the way, I placed an instance of this worksheet INSIDE my TBB so it automatically comes in with my title blocks and becomes a small printed sheet list on every page. Works like a charm 🙂 

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