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Bulk export PDFs with different visibility permutations


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I want to make an illustration with say N different components, say A, B, C, and so on. I want to export PDFs with different visibility permutations for the components. E.g. for one PDF I only want A and B to show, for another I only want B and C to show, and so on. As you can understand, the number of permutations will quickly get really high, and the time it will take to do this manually is to long.

I'm sure this could be scripted, either with marionette, python or vectorscript, but I would like to be pointed in the right direction before digging to deep into this. Anyone know how to attack this problem?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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How many objects and how many permutations?


That would make a major difference in how you script it also.


Since you have to define all the permutations, unless this is a repetitive operation that you are going to do often. I would probably just set up a Sheet Layer and Viewport and then Duplicate it as many times as are required. Go to each sheet layer and change the Class (or Layer) visibilities and you are done. You could actually do this even easier from the Viewports tab of the Organization Palette with it set to Visibilities mode. That way you can change everything in one place.


And this gives me a great chance to post one of my favorite comics from the great xkcd.com



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That sounds worth automating. 😉



How are you going to define the permutations? That will help define how you will need to script what you are doing.  Is this every object with every other object in batches of 2? Every possible combination of X objects? Something else??


Give us a better understanding of what you are really trying to do and we can offer better suggestions.



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