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2D Components Feature with Lighting Devices



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Unfortunately at this time, because of the unique nature of the Lighting Instruments being a symbol that is made into a Plug in Object, also the limitations of the 2D views being only for direct side views, it would not work correctly at this time.  That is why they are excluded.  

The other issue in question is how would we do the views.  I was taught that for center sections that lights should be at a 45 degree angle if side view, and Down the barrel if face on.  but I have seen other drawings that differ from that.  who's format should we use?  and I am sure no matter what direction we put them once we get something that would work, some will complain that we did it wrong.

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Valid points, but all I am suggesting is that lighting devices work exactly like regular symbols. The user can draw what ever they want to be the 2D representation when the viewport is viewing the top, bottom, left, or right and it will display the 2D you drew for that view. If there is no 2D or the view is in perspective or isometric, it will just display the 3D.


I am referring to this video where it works with symbols. I just don't see how this isn't possible with lighting devices.


Thank you,





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Hey MTRobin,

I'm sure you've figured out a method by now, but what I've done is taken the 3D component and basically just copied and pasted it onto my 2D top-view. Then under Modify, I hit Create Symbol. I know you lose a lot of data this way, but it gets that part of it done. For me, I'm mostly making lighting plots for my gaffer and rigging gaffer, and so the 2D plots with lamps that look how they actually look from birdseye are more useful to me than the immense amount of data available. It's not an ideal workaround, but it does the job for now until this suggestion gets implemented. 

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