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Marionette Dynamic Lighting Instrument

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Hi HiveMind


I am trying to build a dynamic Lighting Instrument.

My reasoning: build a marionette network that draws the shape of the symbol based on information from a Record Format (eg: Width and Length of a Lighting Panel).

Then I would wrap the network and convert to a Lighting Instrument Symbol.


I have bumped into some issues that maybe you could assist with...:


- I have managed to get a symbol with marionette encapsulated inside, but when I update the record field, It does't refresh/re-run the script. I have to enter the network 

  and exit for the record field value to express itself.


- Once I convert my symbol to an instrument with Spotlight>Object Conversion>Convert to Instrument, all "gets broken". Changes to the record field don't express themselves 

  into the symbol, and the available fields from the "wrapping" become unavailable...


What am I missing here?


(example file attached)


Many Thanks


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The lighting device extracts the geometry from the symbol, so any special data or you have will be lost once the symbol is used by the lighting device.

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I see... 


Is there a way around this?


Is this something that I couldn't achieve with Marionette, but could do by going under the hood with some coding?



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No. The lighting device will always decompose the symbol and the marionette node will be lost.

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