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Data VIZ video = wait, how to what?


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Well, this video showed me something I've been dying to do - how to properly tag walls for fire & acoustics!? 


How oh how pray tell does one specify Fire Rating and STC for walls, doors etc? This is SUPER useful to be so buried. Is there a tutorial for all this I've missed someplace?



Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 3.05.12 PM.png

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Here's a quick screen recording that shows where you can find data in the walls and doors data tab. The video also shows a quick workflow of how you might manage and display that information using the new data manager and live visualization. Vectorworks 2020 comes with a preformatted BIM Data Sheet that should help you manage commonly used IFC Data.


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Data Visualization existed in VW2019 in Viewports only.

In VW2020 this is extended to Design Layers.


It allows you to selectively and non-destructively apply color (line & fill) to elements based on criteria giving important visual feedback on the Data that's embedded in your model.


The colors are customizable.

The criteria look up Data about objects in your drawing, eg

an Objects Parameter value

a Record Format's Field value

an IFC Entity

a Vectorworks Function


DVs can be reconfigured & saved for repeated use.


so cool

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@SMannVW Thanks for posting this short screen recording. I have very little experience with IFC - so I sort of got lost at that point, and not having sound with the video - I didn’t know exactly what you were doing.


Is it required to use IFC to do the 1-Hour Wall Rating live visualization as your video demonstrated? 


On a side note: Quick videos like this really demonstrate how important it is for Vw to promptly release training tutorials about new features like this immediately after the Vw version release. New tools are great, but they are of limited use if we the users don’t know how to use them. Thanks again for posting the screen recording, I’ll be looking forward to more of them in the future.

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@SMannVW Do you know how to solvemy problem?



On 9/6/2019 at 11:38 AM, Hans-Olav said:


I´m working on a model with lots of self-made 3d elements (solids, extrudes ) in combination with slabs, roofs and other native elements. I have to export the model in IFC format. Is there a way to use date visualization to color drawing elements with a IFC record attached? - or elements without IFC to easily find those that is missing.


I'm not able to figure out how to build the search criteria.

Anyone?  @Robert Anderson ?



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@rDesign IFC isn't required for Live Data Visualization. The tool has the ability to query all of the data in your file, from plug-in object parameters, to record formats, to IFC Data. @techdef The functions work very much the same way as creating worksheet criteria. It's a matter of attaching the data to the object either through a record format, filling out a data field for a plug-in object, or adding the information to the IFC Data set. This video covers some workflows that hopefully answers both of your question.

We have a new training website for learning Vectorworks and I'll be posting more content there in the near future: https://university.vectorworks.net 

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