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Disaster Prepare Month

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Ok, so an event happens and you have 30 min to evacuate...you have a family to gather and in-laws to rally....


You come back a few days later and your office is burned to the ground...everything gone.


So you make sure the family & In-laws are ok.


How long would it take to get your business back up an running?



Currently I have some people working for me that are each about 100-150 miles away.  

So they could hold the fort until I got up and running.

I'm slowly getting the feeling that a centralized office is an old paradigm.



My Google docs, sheets etc would be easy access...(the storage & the apps to run what I stored)

My iCloud would be easy access...(the storage & the apps to run what I stored)

My OpenBOM would be easy access...(the storage & the app to run what I stored)

My Onshape would be easy access...(the storage & the app to run what I stored)

My Dropbox would be easy access...(the storage but not the apps to run what I stored)



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So, Onshape customers in that area are necessarily hosed?


Day off?

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Posted (edited)

So people are emailing me with their phones so that means that the could based systems are running because they can be run on mobile devises...granted I would not want to run anything off my phone but i have done work off my iPad....


So all the cloud based stuff would work...


to run the office you would need a generator to run the office servers then you can connect to internet with iPhone...


or have people out of State working for you...


The office that is down is not cloud based...but maybe they use dropbox which means they are in a way but they cannot work on anything...


we will see how this plays out

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it would be good to get actual feed back from someone who is actually in the effected area...



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I can pack up my "office" in 30 min and have it in the car (done it before) to be set up anywhere I have a table and internet...

This means 3 monitors and everything...


but then maybe my gear gets stolen on the way...by a "Mad Max" group...


Who can really say what is secure?





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Power expected to be out into the weekend...spoke to some who are bringing in generators to run their office etc...do these offices have quick connect generator panel so they can just throw a switch and run off the generator line? or do they need to have extension cords running (thru the building) directly to the electronics?


Is the server room door going to be left open to make room for the extension cords to pass through?


All this make shift "after the fact" patch work creates more chaos...


And we all know what happens when chaos starts...In a few days they will have a T-Rex chasing them...


actually, after about 3 days w/o power things really start to fall apart...


water & fuel runs out...


and I forgot about looters...


have experience all the above...


except for the T-Rex... 


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Good topic brought home to me. Terrible fire in my neighborhood commercial district this week. Prelim cause is overheated attic electrical system at one business. No death or injury except one firefighter reported an injury. Unfortunate for him, but not serious. 150 responders, so not a bad injury record.   Corner building at two arterials totaled. 5 businesses totaled. Neighboring buildings and businesses temporarily affected (closures, smoke and water damage, etc). All had employees now without work, sales and tax records (on disk? hopefully backed up and accessible), fixtures, merchandize and other assets and investments - all gone. This corner will probably be demolished and redeveloped causing couple years of construction disruption in street/traffic and surrounding walk in retail.


Records and projects in cloud and perhaps equipment in multi locations looks pretty good.

Stay safe and prepared folks.



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Luis & I worked in an office just up the road from this...Luis do you recognize that location?


2011.08.29 Wilminton VT



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