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Fundamentals 2020 Can't edit Call Out notes created in 2019



Hi, just updated to Fundamentals 2020 from 2019. I've gone to edit call out notes on a drawing created in 2019 and cannot do it,  I get the dialogue box as shown in the screengrab below but whatever I do can't get a live OK button.


Same if I try to create aa new callout note.


Please don't say this function has been downgraded to only being able to insert leader lines and text independantly of each other in 2020.


But even if it has (which will be massively frustratingg), how on earth do I edit notes in drawings created in 2019?


thanks in advance!

And apologies if this belongs in a different forum section.


Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 11.34.33.png

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Thanks for the answers guys, however,  Iborisov, I'm not seeing anywhere to download SP1, and if I click check for updates I get Vwx is up to date?


Christiaan, I've never assigned call outs to any database for the connection to be broken, I'm not sure you can do that in Fundamentals can you? Or if you can, I don't use it.

And no matter which of the database options I select which the dialogue box offers, I can't get the OK button to come live.

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On 9/11/2019 at 7:28 AM, YoshiMango said:

Ok, thanks. So Fundamentals users basically can’t use 2020 for another month then?!


I think you're right - I just installed and am seeing the same issue with editing and creating callouts. Guess it's time to forget about v2020 until SP1. This one's a real bummer.

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Same here. w/2020 but slightly different. I uncheck "get text from database" to just add a note with the callout tool, but lo and behold, the "callout" database menu shows up (not suppose to), whereas previous versions "notes manager: Callout" menu shows up and you just add your text to you callout. This is broken and yes renders the program useless if adding notes to drawings are part of your work flow (100% of architects and landscape architects). Agree with others that the quality control for new versions frankly sucks. If this were an automobile manufacturer, the company would be out of business.

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