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Connecting a 3d Object between 2 points?


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I am currently working on a project where I need to map out where string/rope will be connected between two points.


I have a half circle and an arch.


Circle is a 7' Radius and attached to the ground.

Arch is 30' Wide and 22' in the air.


What I have done is distributed eyebolts along the path of both, giving me my two points for each piece of string/rope.

I have 1/2 Diameter cylinder to represent my string/rope.


I began plotting the points out with a mix of the rotation tool and working plane settings.


What I am wondering...


Is there a way I can select my string/rope between these two points and have them connect to the eyebolt symbols? Or is there a less time consuming or easier way to approach for attaching to the points in a 3D space?


Thank you for any info!

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I'm not sure I fully grasp what you're trying to do. But it sounds like you might want the NURBS tool and some 3D Loci.  You could even draw out your path with the 2D polyline tool and extrude an octagon (you could use a circle too but lots more polys that you'll never see) with extrude along a path. But that would be if you needed sag in your rope and as I re-read your post maybe they are taught? If so what about Duplicate array with the pivot being the point where all the ropes cross?  Assuming the eye-bolts are evenly spaced around the arch? I'm afraid I'm not being helpful 'cause I'm not sure what you're finished shape is supposed to look like. 

Good luck. 

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