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Hi Scott,

No worries; I had really poor internet connections all last week.

I had not updated to SP1 but I have, now, and it did not cure the issue. Sad, that.

Yes, if I put the General Notes on the design layer, the problem does not happen. However, I have different General Notes on each sheet layer so it would be very helpful to have this work properly. I do realize that I could create a Notes class for each sheet and deal with it that way. My workaround was to increase the text size from 12 points to 1728 points. Works, but when this gets fixed I bet the text will be gigantic. That's a big vote for your solution.



New update. I had been editing the notes and trying adding and deleting but I had not tried this: I double-clicked on the actual notes, after selecting Edit Viewport - Annotations, and it changed the text to the correct size. Strange that it did not correct it when I edited the format from the Properties window but it works, anyway. (This was after I updated to 2020 SP1.)



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