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stair tool 2020?


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for my oppinion it is an unusable tool i would model a stair quicker than to understand this tool ..for instancce i tried a straight stair with one landing and if you start with no preset i couldn't get it done...mind you i started with "Minicad" so i am too unfamiliar with the program...

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Looks like there are some minor changes, but I haven't looked at them yet:




Create Top Graphic: This task creates a Top Graphic for the stair objects.

Improvements Floor Connection Details: This task adds more features to the stair’s lower floor connection detail settings. Visual feedback in lower floor connection detail dialog is improved by adding additional text items and updating their values after user actions. In 2D graphics pane, options were added to draw the stair structure and notches at upper and lower floor in 2D plan view.



Taken from: 


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