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Rotating rotated fixtures


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I have a truss rotated 45° with a lot of fixtures on it. I need to make copies of it and rotate the whole truss duplicate including the fixtures. However when I rotate the system, the fixtures do not update their orientations. They follow the truss position wise, but their 3d orientation does not, so its a mess and I have to redo the orientation for each individual fixture. Also frequently one will loose it completely and end up somewhere completely different, away from its hanging position


I have tried grouping, making the system a symbol, duplication and rotating parts only, but I am out of ideas.



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all 3d rotation. its a truss pyramid made of four 5m trusses. Once i have one 45° populated with fixtures, I want to duplicate rotate it around a center point three times, to make the sides of the pyramid. But all the fixtures who has 3d orientations set, pointing up or out from the truss, loose their marbles when I duplicate-rotate the "leg". The 3d orientation of the individual lights does not update correctly, so the fixtures point inwards/upside down or something like that.

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Just done it here and it works.


What I did was:

  1. Use the rotate Tool
  2. Make my truss a hanging position
  3. Use the rotate tool in a Top view (not Top/Plan as that seems to cause a conflict with the 2D/3D portion of the hybrid lighting devices)
  4. I've also given the lights a focus point .
  5. I'm using 2019 latest SP

The process has taken a little while to get right but it seems to work my end.


I hope that's helpful....


Screenshot 2019-09-09 at 12.49.45.jpg

Truss Pyramid.vwx

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Thanks for getting into this with me.


To make it more confusing, my pyramid is hanging from above and I have a ton of stuff on it. I just got one done too. These were my steps


1. One truss arm flat on the ground, NOT hanging position. Populate and rotate the fixtures.

2. Duplicate-rotate the arm, manually flip the individual lights back to correct angles (always the y axis btw)

3. Once the arms are populated with correctly rotated fixtures, the whole system is rotated up to 45° and then to trim.


Here it is in all its glory. I have actually already deployed this in shows in several venues, but for the upcoming dates I needed it drawn correctly in 3d


Its definitely buggy with the fixture orientations. I will file a report somehow at some point





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