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Tobias Kern

WISH: standard 3D-Mesh type | 3D modeling improvements




i think the VW should become much better in solid- and mesh-modeling.


Currently we have two different Mesh-Types in VW.

1. Triangulated mesh, which is the standard mesh VW works with.

2. Quadface mesh, which is used in the subdivision-tools.


Why we can not choose which mesh we prefer and set the standard-mesh-type in VW as we need it?


A transfer tool to recalculate a triangulated mesh into a quadface mesh is also much needed and vice versa!


Whats also is important (for me).

I can not understand why VW can not combine faces which are aligned in the same direction

to one polygonal face and not in so much triangulated faces.

Please see attached screenshot (top and bottom face)!


… later i have to combine manually all the top- and bottom faces.

why i've not been asked, if i want to combine equal aligned faces automatically?


This result (screenshot) exists, after a transformation from a solid object (without history)

into a 3D-point-object. (sorry dunno the original english names, i use a VW german version).


/ / / 


I personally think that all the possibilities of solid modeling in VW are way too complicated.


Solid-object (with history), solid-object (with dissolved history), 3D point-objects, subdivision objects,

3D-polygon-objects, nurbs-objects, ...


Isn't it not be better to have one kind of 3D object and i can move, transform, add, subtract, combine, tiling,

whatever i want with it, without the whole deep knowledge of what 3D-object-type can do and what not.


You want to move upwards a edge/corner of a (solid) cuboid,

doesn't work, first you have to convert the cuboid into a 3d-point-object!

Is that the "workflow" we want?


Keep it simple, e.g. like in Sketchup.

In Sketchup all surfaces, edges, points a glued together, changes in 3D geometry easily made.

(i know Sketchup has other limitations, but thats not the point here)

In 60 minutes you understand how Sketchup thinks and you can work with it. 


The only things, i think, we have to choose in VW before we work with 3D objects are:

- History for modeling always on or always off (if you need it or not)

- Standard mesh type that is calculated (triangulated- or quadface mesh, or maybe other mesh type)

- Smoothness of the mesh (like subdivision-iterations)


All the other stuff like transformations, whatever should work as we would do it with our hands.


Sorry it's frustrating and also sorry for my english.

Bildschirmfoto 2019-09-05 um 14.47.31.png

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