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Pre-Select a choice in CreatePullDownMenu

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I have a CreatePullDownMenu in my Dialog Box and I have loaded it with AddChoice


How do I choose to select ItemIndex 10 on the PullDownMenu ?


I have been trying SelectChoice without luck.


SetFocusOnItem works to focus on the ComponentID but I also want to separately set ItemIndex 10 to be the focus.



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Thanks Julian, I've tried SelectChoice among several others but it's still not working. Maybe I'm putting it in the wrong place, even though I've been moving it around during my attempts.


procedure test;
var StanDialog1 : longint; TF : boolean;

procedure CreatePopUpLayout;
  StanDialog1 := CreateLayout ('Component Data', False, 'OK', 'Cancel');
  CreateStaticText (StanDialog1, 4, 'Item:', 15);
  CreatePullDownMenu (StanDialog1, 5, 10);
  SetFirstLayoutItem (StanDialog1, 4); SetRightItem (StanDialog1, 4, 5, 0, 0);

procedure DialogHandler (var Item : longint; Data : longint);

    procedure InitiateDialog;
      AddChoice (StanDialog1, 5, ' ', 0);
      AddChoice (StanDialog1, 5, 'A', 1);
      AddChoice (StanDialog1, 5, 'B', 2);
      SelectChoice (StanDialog1, 5, 2, TF);
    procedure GetDialogEvents;
Case Item of SetupDialogC: InitiateDialog;
  1 : GetDialogEvents;
  2 : ; { Cancel }
  end; { Case }

If (RunLayoutDialogN (StanDialog1, DialogHandler, True) = 1 { OK }) then begin end;
run (test);


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Thanks for putting me on the right track Julian,


My fault. I should have put SelectChoice (StanDialog1, 5, 2, True); instead of SelectChoice (StanDialog1, 5, 2, TF);


From the other procedures I tried, TF was a boolean result, not an boolean option.

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