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worksheets - summing a list


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I'm trying to create a total wattage count for my drawings.

I would think it would be as simple as defining the selection criteria, showing and summarizing fixtures types, wattage and their counts and then applying a couple of basic math functions -- ie: count X wattage -- and then summing those summarized totals together.

However, I can't seem to create this using variables and the summarized numbers.

For example:


7     Source-4 19deg     575


All I want to do is essentially -- in Excel parlance -- =sum(A7*C7) to get the total wattage per fixture type and then do a running total of all of those numbers.

When I use the "=sum" function in the worksheet, it can't seem to process the variables and allow it to create results per row.






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Are you using database rows (i.e. 3.1, 3.2, etc)?  If so it is getting the right combination of Summarize Items and Sum Values checked in the database header row.


If you Summarize based on a column by default you will get the value of that field if all the summarized records have the same value. If they have different values the cell will return a dash (–).


If what you really want is the values of all the summarized subrows added together you need to check the Sum Values box.


You probably need another column with a formula of =Count that will return the number of items that are combined into the summarized subrow. You can then multiply that times the wattage of one item to get the total.


If you don't care about the wattage per fixture, you can skip the  Count and multiplication and just Sum Values on the column with the wattage to get the total wattage of that type of fixture.


Ask again if this is not clear enough.

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