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2 points perspective


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Francis Ching wrote the definitive book on 1, 2 and 3 point perspective manual techniques and was the go to guide for student architects when everything was hand drawn. The 'architectural perspective in Sketchup is a quick fix to remove the vertical (3rd) vanishing point. As Kazemester says, camera height and and camera view height the same and that will give you a 2 point perspective.

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After using sketchUP myself for many years and using parallel/two point perspective to get vertical lines perpendicular in my views I was missing exactly the same in vw.

Then found that there is some hidden workaround that works for me. Whenever you set up some custom 3D view you you are happy with select from 'current view' drop down menu closest directional view (front, back, right left...) to your view. Though it will not stay in same position afterwards and view get slightly shifted you get perpendicular lines and you can correct it with hand tool back to view you are after.

Your view must always be modification one of standard views.


Hope this helps.



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Basically you create a Camera that has the same Z as the target,

to get no distortion of vertical lines.

But move the Viewport Border up to shift to view the Top of the Building.


Works great but will easily break down when you want to do some camera

direction changes and you have to start Viewport Border shifting and

Viewport relocation from scratch.

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