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Camera Vertical Tilt Correction

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Use this python script to perform an automatet vertical tilt correction on the current view.


Or use it this way to correct the view of a viewport:

  1. Right click at the viewport.
  2. Edit camera
  3. Run the script
  4. exit edit mode


xAngleR, yAngleR, zAngleR, offsetPt = vs.GetView()
vs.SetView(-90, yAngleR, 0, offsetPt[0], offsetPt[1], offsetPt[2])

Don't forget to set the script-language to python in the script editor.

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Hi @herbieherb, thanks for the script. Do you know if it is possible to change the script, or use another function of VW, to change the horizon to be at around 1/3 of the screen height while keeping the two-point perspective? In SketchUp I can activate the two point view and pan the view up. When I do the same in VW the eye height change.. Only way I found is to first put the viewport on a sheet and than resize the crop. But what if I don't want to put it on a sheet first? 


I want my saved views to look like this:image.thumb.png.bb8b867d1dd93c312f609249b1511c9b.png


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If you take a photo without vertical tilt and without special lenses (tilt-shift lens), the horizon (i.e. the two vanishing points) is always in the center of the image. If you want the horizon to be further down, you have to crop the image afterwards. Vectorworks does not have a tilt-shift function for the camera, so the only option is to crop the image using the viewport crop function.

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