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Automatic Visibility


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1. You can set your layer options to Active Only in the navigation palette to just see your current layer. 


2. Manually turn on off the layers you want to work with. 


But, to do what you are asking, you probably need to:


3. Set up saved views. Saves views are a shortcut back to where you were in the drawing when saved, and there is an option to save the current class and layer visibility. So you could set a bunch of saved views to control which layers you see at any given time. 

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@Kai1...Saved Views are your friend!  They can toggle classes and layers as well as both the layer and class controls (like Show Snap or Active Only), they can return you to the exact view with the appropriate render style, they can jump you from design layers to sheet layers etc. etc....very powerful feature not to be overlooked!


I've attached a screen shot of some saved views that help me quickly navigate my file(s)




Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 11.57.25 AM.png

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