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Floor texture bug by class


Pretty sure this is a new bug in 2019.


Steps to recreate bug:


1.  Create a class.  Select Use at Creation.  Set attributes for line, fill, and texture.

2.  Make that class active

3.  Draw a rectangle.

4.  AEC > Floor…

5. Enter values for Bottom Z and Thickness

6. Set rendering to Open GL


In 2018 the floor object will have the class texture at least on the top.

In 2019 the floor object will have no texture.


7.  In 2019:  Set fill to Solid.  This causes the class texture to appear.

8.  Set fill to By Class.  Texture still there!



Anyone else seeing this?

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Hi @michaelk,


I have tested this and have seen that for whatever reason in VW 2019 when you create a floor in this way only the top part gets a texture.  The texture for the bottom and sides get set to none by default.


To get around this, I suggest you experiment with slabs or extrudes.  I shall notify the engineers of this (VB-164676).

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I'm using floor objects for countertops.  It's nice that they obscure the lower cabinets and are easy to subtract from when placing sinks, etc.


Are you not seeing no texture on the floor object and it changes when you change almost any attribute?  I've found that even changing the line weight of the floor object can make it "wake up" and show it's texture.

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@Adam Robinson


Thanks for looking into this.


To be clear:  The texture only applying to the top also happens for me in 2018.  Not an issue - it's easy enough to set the sides and bottom to render by class.


But in 2019 I'm seeing NO texture until I change an attribute.


Let me know if you need a screen capture or a sample file.

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I have now managed to replicate the issue like you have.  It seems to depend on when the object is assigned a class.  If the object is created with the the class active then it will break however if you create the floor in the none class then assign the floor your newly created class then it seems to work as I first discovered.


Here's a link to a video I just made on it:


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