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Creating a raised boardwalk with slopes

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I'm trying to create a raised, curved walkway that slopes from a sidewalk up to a landing.  There will be support columns below as part of the construction, but I don't know if they will be PT timbers or some other method. I used a hardscape with slab & set the beginning and ending points to match the needed elevations. The 3D effect looks good, but the slope percentage is higher than from doing the math the old fashioned Rise/Run method. I duplicated the working sloped hardscape and divided it into smaller sections to simplify the layout for the installation contractor, which means I needed to get beginning and ending elevations for them based on tolerable slopes and wound up going with a spreadsheet to work out the math. Definitely got out of my comfort zone with this!

I've read through the Getting Started guide on the settings, but this seems to be more detailed than the guide. Would someone direct me to more references? Thank you!

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On 8/31/2019 at 9:45 AM, KarynT said:

I needed to get beginning and ending elevations

Can you snap a stake (Site Planning Tool Set) or 3d Locus (3d Modeling Tool Set) to each end point?  Either can provide xyz at its location, including on a spreadsheet.  Stake can also display values as labels in Top/Plan view.


A stake can be placed at one end of ramp edge or center line, then Duplicate Along Path as many as needed for construction. To create an isolated edge curve, use the 3d Tool Set>Extract tool>Edge mode: Click the ramp edge to highlight, shift click any additional segments desired until entire edge is highlighted, then click the green checkmark.  A new NURBS curve will be created, coincident with the orig.  This new curve can be deleted and recreated as needed.


If possible, post a couple screenshots to illustrate what you are trying to do.





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for simple calculation generate the shape and create a pad modifier from it. here you can set the top and bottom elevations and also set the rise/run or percentage of rise/fall. This will also give you exact elevations that can then be copied to another to continue the slope in sections.

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